• I a link to this post on LinkedIn and a reader there noted that in fact the adobe study DID allow combinations, allowing respondents to select “up to two.” good catch! my reply, also on LinkedIn:

    >>Mia, thanks for the feedback. You are correct about the question – respondents were asked to select “up to two.” Overall, however, consumers’ choices aggregated to 88% traditional media versus only 40% (p.6 of the study report). in that sense, respondents _were_ given an option to select a combination of old and new media – maybe I’m irked that they didn’t show combinations in the results. thanks for the catch.

    I’d like to see a study that takes subjective data like this and maps it to behavioral data, since I see an awful lot of reports showing traditional media losing eyeballs and more and more awareness and transactions driven by online, esp mobile, channels…