04.15.13 | posted by Todd Randolph

facebook newsfeed changes: impact on posting strategy

changes to facebook formatting affect posting strategy

pertinent imagery is a great way to engage people with your content, and the changes to facebook’s newsfeed do not do anything to change that. however, small businesses and/or those for whom facebook drives less revenue can save time by not having to create custom posts for the [read more...]

12.13.12 | posted by Todd Randolph

death by a thousand notifications

stop excessive facebook notifications image 2

I know you feel my pain. you want to feel good for your friend(s) – heck, you were moved enough to make a comment. but you’ve got stuff to do, and the honeymoon glow wears off [read more...]

08.31.12 | posted by Todd Randolph

May I Approach? Lawyers Getting Their Facebook On

legal marketing facebook: shark image

smart law firms are hiring even smarter marketing folks who know digital inside and out. [read more...]

07.13.12 | posted by Todd Randolph

edit your facebook comments: you CAN go back again

paraphrasing the old carpenter’s saw (get it? get it?), it is a good thing in the age of frictionless sharing and instant communication to think twice before unleashing your bon mots upon an unsuspecting world. it’s been possible for a while to censor your own posts and comments on facebook. with the latest update, users now have the option of editing comments instead of simply deleting [read more...]

11.29.10 | posted by Todd Randolph

backup your facebook life

but what happens to the cloud when a giant comet strikes the earth? or when mark zuckerberg goes mad and throws the switch, making facebook go dark [read more...]

08.31.10 | posted by Todd Randolph

promoting events and news on facebook

adding links to facebook status updates and using the share feature can help promote news and events for your organization beyond your own [read more...]

05.13.10 | posted by Todd Randolph

the facebook dilemma - damned if you do

I realized why I was torn. making all my information available to anyone? so not good. making my information available to businesses that want to sell me stuff in order to save us both time? golden. don’t get me wrong. I still think facebook’s privacy shenanigans stink, and I worry about the potential for abuse with younger consumers. but I think the instant personalization concept is an enormous win for businesses and [read more...]

04.25.10 | posted by Todd Randolph

How to Restore Your Privacy on Facebook (via Gawker)

a good read if you’re concerned about the latest facebook shenanigans. short version – if you want all the old facebook functionality, it’s gonna cost you a little [read more...]

04.06.10 | posted by Todd Randolph

facebook privacy, 2010 edition

one of my first posts on the qualified yes was on using facebook privacy settings to prevent public humiliation – or maybe just an awkward conversation. big changes have come to facebbok, and I have been remiss on keeping my readers up to date. here’s a post to correct [read more...]

03.31.10 | posted by Todd Randolph

Facebook Killing 'Become A Fan,' Embracing 'Like' (via ClickZ)

According to a confidential e-mail sent to ad agencies today, the social media site will change the “Become A Fan” button to read “Like” within the next few weeks. why does this matter? It marks another step in facebook’s transformation from a purely social entity to one with more commercial [read more...]