10.29.12 | posted by Todd Randolph

traditional media ads still preferred by consumers…or are they?

is traditional media advertising still preferred?

a recent study seems to show consumers prefer traditional media advertisements, but the results are based on a flawed [read more...]

01.11.10 | posted by Todd Randolph

cleanup in aisle 5 - shopping comes to facebook

you know it had to happen. back in december, a national retailer introduced an offer exclusively to fans on its facebook page. how is this different from what foursquare is doing? it’s not about where you are [read more...]

09.24.09 | posted by Todd Randolph

can sales and marketing be facebook friends?

customers have far more ability to research vendors and their offerings than in the past. moreover, the information that prospects are receiving is not static – it’s a dynamic, constantly growing pool including data from far more sources, especially peer input. what should marketers do to [read more...]

09.10.09 | posted by Todd Randolph

all your oranges in one basket?

thoughts on the best use of inbound [read more...]

04.23.09 | posted by admin

where outbound meets inbound

A study released by ExactTarget today examines the growing interest among email marketers in integrating campaigns with social media. Rick Burnes at Hubspot explains in a blog post how marketers can achieve this integration by focusing on delivering valuable [read more...]