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take note(s): springpad rocks

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I’m a longtime evernote user. I like its multiplatform capability. I like how it hosts multimedia, much like my posterous blogs. however, I suspect I am just not organized enough to leverage evernote the way I should. I dump stuff in, I tag it…but then I don’t think to consult it when I could.

I learned about springpad while searching for something else on my droid. I use appbrain for most of the droid stuff i used the native market app for. nice app. anyway, I was looking to find something or other and springpad showed up on the list. naturally I forgot all about whatever it was I was looking for and installed it. *squirrel!* that’s when things got fun.

I had a few extra minutes so I added a few things. a few recipes that looked interesting and that I will probably never use. my favorite sufjan stevens album. just some random stuff. since then I have added some more practical things like notes for events, task lists for a few projects, etc.

that’s what I went to the site for today. when I logged in, however, I saw that I had alerts. *squirrel!* so I clicked to look at them:

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sufjan’s is doing a fall tour! yeah, yeah. knew that, have my tickets for the orpheum show. wait – a new album?! he just put out a new album that I’m still getting my head around. so I headed over to

it’s true. new album, coming in october. I pre-order so I will be able to download mp3s a couple of weeks early. I check out some of the other songs on pitchfork. they’re good too, so I throw them up on the posterous blog.

it’s all good. I’m very optimistic about using springpad to stay more focused. btw, the “practical” stuff looks great on the droid.

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  • Simon

    Thanks for the review on springpad. My boss asked me to teach him how to use them. I’m not a techie person myself and my boss is no way better than me when it comes to that. I guess he’s too embarrassed to ask someone else in the office.


    I have never used evernote or springpad. It seems interesting. Maybe I should try them ! And the *squirrel* application could be very useful too! Thank you for the review!

    • todd randolph

      Thanks for your comment. Looks like Squirrel is a Mac/iPhone only personal finance application. Since I'm an Android type, I prfer Mint, which is cross platform. Thanks for stopping by!